Ashley Sheridan​


My name is Ashley Sheridan. I'm a full stack web developer, accessibility blogger and orator, dad of the most energetic boys in existence, and toy-fixer extraordinaire.

I operate as the accessibility expert at Livedrive, and I also write quite extensively in my blog on the subject. I do give presentations, and if you would like me to present or consult, please contact me to arrange something suitable.

Latest Blog Posts

Everybody Lost When YouTube Removed Community Captions

I was recently showing my eldest son some bedtime stories, and the ones he loves the most currently are the African folktales about Anansi the spider. However, as I was watching with him, I was shocked at some of the captions accompanying the audio, it was full of profanity! Contents What Happened Who is Affected? Is it Really a Problem for Content Creators to Solve? A B…

Testing Exception Not Thrown With PHPUnit

Testing exceptions in PHPUnit is fairly easy, and you can be as specific as you need with testing the details of the exceptions being thrown. But what if you need to test that an exception wasn't thrown? The Exception Problem There are many clean code advocates who will tell you that testing for exceptions not being thrown is a sign that your code is doing something wrong, and that the co…

Upcoming Changes With The WCAG 2.2 Guidelines

The proposed changes to the Web Content Accessibility Group (WCAG) guidelines defined in the WCAG 2.2 working draft are aimed at improving the experience for people with cognitive disabilities and low vision, as well as improving the overall experience for those using mobile devices. This is meant to be an interim set of guidelines until WCAG 3.0 is completed. There are 9 new guidelines that ti…