Ashley Sheridan​


My name is Ashley Sheridan. I'm a full stack web developer, accessibility blogger and orator, dad of the most energetic boys in existence, and toy-fixer extraordinaire.

I operate as the accessibility expert at Livedrive, and I also write quite extensively in my blog on the subject. I do give presentations, and if you would like me to present or consult, please contact me to arrange something suitable.

Latest Blog Posts

Accessibility Concerns Over Chrome Removing Alert, Prompt, And Confirm Modals

Chrome has recently announced its intention to prevent cross-origin iframes from triggering the alert(), prompt(), and confirm() . These modals will still function for the top-level web page, and iframes within the same domain. Websites spanning multiple subdomains on the same domain will not allow these modals. These types of modals have been part of Javascript for decades and have seen their …

Colouring SVG Background Images With SASS

SVG images have two main benefits over traditional raster or bitmap images: they can scale to any size without a loss of quality, and they allow for more control over their appearance, such as changing the colour of parts of the image in response to a particular user action. The Two Types of SVG Background Image There are two ways to set an SVG background image via CSS, and only one allows a…

Everybody Lost When YouTube Removed Community Captions

I was recently showing my eldest son some bedtime stories, and the ones he loves the most currently are the African folktales about Anansi the spider. However, as I was watching with him, I was shocked at some of the captions accompanying the audio, it was full of profanity! Contents What Happened Who is Affected? Is it Really a Problem for Content Creators to Solve? A B…