Ashley Sheridan​


My name is Ashley Sheridan, and I'm a PHP developer with strongly developed front-end skills. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, and spend quite a bit of my free time exploring and playing with new technologies. I enjoy a challenge, and see one not as an obstacle, but something that will push me towards better. I like thinking outside of the box and prefer to spend a little bit more time thinking on a problem than diving into tackling it right away, to ensure that I've done the best I can.

Contained in the blog section you will see an assortment of small snippets of code across a variety of subject programming areas, and other posts of subjects I'm interested in. If you have any feedback or suggestions on any of the content on this site, please contact me.

Latest Blog Post

Testing Popstate Events with Jasmine

I recently implemented some browser History API functionality in a project, and part of this was using popstate events to handle application state when the user navigated with their browsers navigational buttons. The problem was when it came time to write tests to cover this functionality, because I was writing in TypeScript, which is a strictly type language, and the version of TypeScript I wa…