Ashley Sheridan​


My name is Ashley Sheridan, and I'm a full stack web developer who has a strong passion about accessibility. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, and spend quite a bit of my free time exploring and playing with new technologies. I enjoy a challenge, and see one not as an obstacle, but something that will push me towards better. I like thinking outside of the box and prefer to spend a little bit more time thinking on a problem than diving into tackling it right away, to ensure that I've done the best I can.

Latest Blog Post

Accessibility Testing for Developers

If you're developing for the front end, then it's important to understand how to test that what you produce is accessible. Testing across multiple browsers has been part of front end development since the beginning; browsers would always interpret your code in slightly different ways, both small and large. Accessibility testing is no different really, you're just approaching things from a slightly…