My name is Ashley Sheridan, and I'm quite good at my job: developing and building websites. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, and spend quite a bit of my free time exploring and playing with new technologies. I enjoy a challenge, and see one not as an obstacle, but a target to beat. I like thinking outside of the box and always prefer to spend a little bit more time thinking on a problem than diving into tackling it right away, to ensure that I've done the best I can.

If this is your first visit, you may want to look towards my portfolio and CV, where you will find some of my work, and information about me. The portfolio will be updated regularly as I work on newer projects.

Contained in the coding section you will see an assortment of small snippets of code across a variety of subject programming areas. If you have any feedback or suggestions on any of the content on this site, please contact me.

Latest Tutorial

Pure CSS Tree Menu

A menu structured and styled in the form of a directory tree

The new selectors in CSS3 are very powerful, and allow for some interesting ways of creating interactivity on a website that doesn't rely on JavaScript. Typically, a lot of these new techniques are available in the majority of web browsers being used with the obvious exception of IE up tp and including 8, which limits their usefulness when compared with current JavaScript solutions, but that shouldn't detract from the other advantages.

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What have I been saying recently?

@tmwagency #tmwwalk finally here, champagne and canapés!

@tmwagency #tmwwalk finally here, champagne and canapés!

@tmwagency #tmwwalk ok, we are slightly lost...